Plastic breastplate, it serves as a personal protection element that protects clinical personnel against body fluids and splashes in clinical environments, laboratories, sterilization and isolation rooms.


  • Designed for short and simple procedures.
  • White color.
  • Pyrogen free.
  • Single use disposable breastplate.
  • Protects from the front chest, waist to the knees.
  • It has an apron-type fastening system.
  • Single use product.
  • Short polyethylene breastplate: Dimensions length 91cm, front width 66cm.
  • Long polyethylene breastplate: Dimensions length 116 cm front width 90cm.


Cod. Ref Cod. LBF Description Sales unit
522-04281 Short plastic breastplate 91cm x 66 cm Pack x 10 units
522-04282 Short plastic breastplate 116 cm x 90 cm Pack x 10 units
  • Brand: LBF.
  • Origin: China.