Packs Quirúrgicos

Lider en barrera de la zona quirúrgica.


Prick test de un solo paso, preciso, de baja variabilidad y sin dolor para el paciente

Terapia de Presión Negativa Desechable

Líder en cierre incisional de heridas. TPN de un solo uso.


Sondas Medicoplast, calidad alemana que da Confianza

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Our Warehouse

We own our warehouse located at:

Av. La Oración 1299, Pudahuel, Santiago-Chile.

ENEA Industrial Park.

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Our History

The company was established in 1945 by Mr. León Borzutzky Fridman. The business began in the retail sector, with 2 small pharmacies, and few years later won the distribution in South America (except Brazil) for Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Dr. Scholl, among others.


Then, seeking for efficiencies and growth, the company developed commercial relations with China, being the first chilean company doing business with the Asian giant.


By the beginning of the 21st century, LBF consolidated itself as a premium distributor of the health sector and made an important leap towards professionalization, building a new headquarter which includes distribution center and world-class offices, located in Enea Industrial Park, in Santiago – Chile.


Currently, LBF is developing with success its own brands Smartmed® and CathSafe®, and has customer service coverage throughout the complete national territory, focusing on Advanced Wound Management, Surgical Solutions for OR, PPE, Fluids and Biological Waste Management, and in general, cost-effectiveness disposables in order to better serve the health professionals and improve patient’s quality of life.

Mission / Vision / Values


Con más de 75 años trabajando en el área de Salud, suministramos insumos y equipos médicos de calidad, distinguiéndonos por la calidez y profesionalismo de nuestra gente, por el constante desarrollo del servicio al cliente, buscando nuevas y superiores tecnologías, y mejorando continuamente nuestros procesos para el éxito de nuestra empresa.


Ser un aporte esencial a la salud de las personas, siendo líder en el mercado de insumos médicos, reconocidos por otorgar una atención y servicio de excelencia a nuestros clientes, comprometidos con el cuidado del medioambiente.


Efficacy: we make things happen.
Reliance: We give confidence to our clients and collaborators with familiarity.
Integrity: We do what’s right.
Respect: We value people, institutions, and our planet.

Our products are manufactured in 15 countries around the world.

Contact Information

Business hours: Monday – Thursday, from 08:00 to 17:00 hrs.
Friday, from 08:00 to 16:00 hrs.