Fluidshield PFR 95 / N95 Protective Mask

FLUIDSHIELD* N95 filtering facepiece respirators are designed to provide the proper facial fit necessary to ensure respiratory protection against airborne pathogens for clinicians and patients by meeting and exceeding the standards established by ASTM, NIOSH and the FDA.


  • It has 4 protective layers with SO SOFT inner lining.
  • Latex-free bands are ultrasonically sealed.
  • FLUIDSHIELD* Level 3 respirators provide your personnel with the highest recognized level of splash protection.
  • NIOSH approved to filter at least 95% of very small particles (<0.3 microns), including bacteria and viruses.
  • BFE (3) ≥ 99%.
  • Splash resistance 160.
  • PFE ≥ 99%.


Cod. Ref Cod. LBF Description Sales unit
46727 009-03289 FLUIDSHIELD PFR95 / N95 Mask Box x 35 units
  • Brand: Halyard.
  • Origin: USA.