The scalpel blade with handle is an instrument for surgical use in the form of a small knife, with a thin, pointed blade, with one or two cuts, which is used to make any type of cut or incision in surgical procedures, anatomical dissections, autopsies and vivisections, although it can also be used for other uses in clinical laboratories.


  • Single-use disposable product.
  • It has a flat blade, which allows for easy straight or in-line cuts.
  • Plastic handle with roughened edge for better grip and handling.
  • It has an “easy open” aluminum wrapper on both sides.
  • Specific composition: Stainless steel.
  • Sterilized in gamma radiation.


Cod. Ref Cod. LBF Description Sales unit
02932 057-04431 N°10 Box x 10 units
02934 057-04432 N°11 Box x 10 units
02940 057-04433 N°15 Box x 10 units
02946 057-04434 N°21 Box x 10 units
02947 057-04435 N°22 Box x 10 units
02948 057-04436 N°23 Box x 10 units
02949 057-04437 N°24 Box x 10 units
  • Certificates: ISO 13485.
  • Brand: Surgeon by RAZORMED
  • Origin: India.