Sterilization wrap designed by SMS, providing strength, durability, strength, with its power Guard technology provides an efficiency of 99% filtering bacteria, allows optimal entry and exit of the sterilizing agent preventing trays, wet instruments thanks to its Daisy technology, suggested weight of the trays between 8kg and 12kg.


  • 64% more durable, designed with the toughest tasks in mind, impact resistant fabric, triple-layer reinforcement zones.
  • Faster, 59% faster to wrap, smarter: 22% less volume.
  • 86% faster and easier inspections, composed with a contrasting white fabric layer which facilitates inspection for tears and cuts.
  • Reference line for precise placement of the tray.
  • You only need one application per tray.
  • powerGuard technology offers the highest level of bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%.
  • non-sterile product.


Cod. Ref Cod. LBF Description Sales unit
14279 009-04583 KIMGUARD Smartfold 71cm x 116 cm Box x 72 units
14271 009-04238 KIMGUARD Smartfold 100 cm x 120 cm Box x 48 units
14277 009-04239 KIMGUARD Smartfold 100 cm x 140 cm Box x 48 units
  • Certifications: ISO 13485, FDA.
  • Brand: Halyard.
  • Origin: USA.