Kimguard H500 Sequential Sterilization Wrapper

Sequential wrapping that allows the sterilization of instruments and maintain sterility for at least 30 days, indicated to wrap trays of instruments in hospital environments and to be sterilized by steam sterilization, ethylene oxide or hydrogen peroxide.


  • Polypropylene casing cast in three SMS layers.
  • Seam and/or bead free finish.
  • Resistance to breakage, fire resistance.
  • Resistance to linting and abrasion.
  • Ensures effective penetration of the sterilant.
  • Toxic, with antistatic treatment.
  • non-sterile product.

Recommendations for quality and types of wrapping

  • Lightweight packs, cloth gowns, towel packs, individual basins and other lighter wrapping needs.
  • Tray weight: < 8,5kg



Cod. Ref

Cod. LBF Description

Sales unit


009-02047 KIMGUARD H500 Sterilization Wrapper

76cm x 76cm

Box x 250 units


009-02052 KIMGUARD H500 Sterilization Wrapper

91cmx 91cm

Box x 150 units


009-02078 KIMGUARD H500 Sterilization Wrapper

121 cm x 121 cm

Box x 50 units

  • Certifications: ISO 13485, FDA.
  • Brand: Halyard.
  • Origin: USA.