Accessories for Surgical Packs

The accessories for SMARTMED surgical packs are designed to help us optimize the operation of the wards. Designed to be used in procedures of different surgical specialties with the objective of complementing and assisting the clinical staff at the time of surgical interventions providing a solution tailored to each of the needs.


  • Fields with adhesive transparent window that allows an adequate isolation of the incision site.
  • They are reinforced in critical areas, which minimizes the risk of breakage due to punctures, cuts or tears, and also increases their impermeability to fluids.
  • Specialty fields with collection bag with filter for solid waste, which allows for efficient fluid collection and subsequent disposal.
  • It has double packaging, transparent polyethylene outer side and white medical grade paper, blue SMS inner layer.
  • Sterile in ethylene oxide.


Traumatology Neurosurgery General surgery Arsenaleras
  • Bilateral lower extremity field.
  • Neurosurgical field.
  • Laparoscopic backpack
  • Seat sheet with fluid collection bag.
  • Leg braces
  • Table cover Arsenalera reinforced
  • Reinforced May table cover.
  • Brand: Smartmed.
  • Origin: China
  • Certifications: ISO 13485.